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ETOBICOKE, ON:  After an extended holiday break, the Humber Hawks women's volleyball team returned to the court on Friday at the Annual Humber Cup Invitational. 


25-23, 25-23 19-25, 27-25 

In the opening two sets of the tournament, the Hawks wasted no time in making an impactful first impression. The Hawks proved that the Christmas break did not slow them down as Alex Krstonosic and Julia Watson quickly laid down kill after kill. Andre Laurendeau did not let this phase them though, as they remained just two points behind Humber for the duration of the sets. Leading by only two points in both the first and second set, the Hawks barely finished with the wins. The final score for both sets were 25-23

The third set began just like the first, as Humber took a quick lead and forced Andre Laurendeau to try and come back with the win from behind.  They were up to this challenge though, as they went on a long serving run and racked the score up to 20-13. Playing consistent, Andre Laurendeau kept Humber behind them. As the Hawks tried to recover, they were unable to earn enough points to make their way back into the game. The final score was 19-25

In the fourth set, the Hawks regained their energy. As both teams began playing their best set so far, Humber and Andre Laurendeau went point by point throughout the first half of the set. Perfecting set after set, Humber's Alex Bartman held the Hawk's game play together. With an aggressive offense, the Hawks began pushing their opposing team out of system. This helped to carry the Hawks passed the finish line, as they finished the final set 27-25.


Humber VS York

21-25, 23-25, 25-16, 23-25 

The first two sets between York and Humber were unpredictable as both teams climbed point for point towards 25. The Hawks seemed energized as they hit the floor left and right to get to the ball. York did the same though, as each point was earned after an intense back and forth rally. Near the end of the sets, the Hawks fell behind with consistency and aggression. This gave York the opportunity to take the lead and run with it, and they did not hesitate to do so. The final score was 21-25 in the first and 23-25 in the second set. 

Humber came out aggressive in the third set as they battled head to head with York. Both teams fought back and forth, leaving no room for mistakes by players. Kyla Wilkins held the Hawks together as she played with an Olympic-Like defense that picked up every ball on her side of the court. This helped Humber steadily gain points as York's defense began to break apart and Humber took the lead. Olivia Foley of the Hawks went on a four point serving run at the end of the match, being the final push the Hawks needed to claim the set victory. The final score was 25-16. 

The fourth set exhibited Humber's intentions as they quickly gained and built off of a five point lead. 6-1, and then 11-4, the Hawks showed promise towards pushing the game to a fifth set. This idea of a come back was short lived though, as a serving run by York catapulted them into a 17-16 lead. As the Hawks tried to revive their side of the court, they were continuously caught off guard by the ball. A timeout by Humber rendered useless for the athletes as they seemed too tired to finish off the match. York took advantage of this opportunity and finished the game off 23-25.



In the first and second sets, Windsor asserted their dominance on the court. Quickly earning the lead, the Lancers spent the majority of both sets coasting above the Hawks. Although they were falling behind in points, the Hawks put up a strong defence against Windsor's attack. Humber made sure that although they were down, each point was won through a long and nail biting rally. Long serving runs by the Lancers near the end of both opening sets caused Humber to fall into an unreturnable deficit. The Final scores for both sets were 14-25, and 18-25. 

The third set exhibited much more zest from Humber's athletes. Humber began to play way more aggressive as they earned a quick lead that they were determined to keep. Remaining three points behind Humber for the majority of the set, Windsor began to crumble to the pressure they were under. Neither team earned a serving run higher than three points as both teams traded the serve back and forth. Humber managed to keep the game alive and advance to a fourth set as they held onto the lead and finished the game at 25-21 

In the fourth set, both teams climbed up the scoreboard one point at a time. Windsor and Humber were head to head for the majority of the set. Neither team was able to go on serving runs higher than two due to both teams accurately putting the ball away. The game stayed tied up until Windsor went on a four point serving run, rocketing their score to 18-14. Humber worked to relive this difference, but was unable to find a way to go on any runs. The Lancers took the set and finalized the game at 20-25.



The Hawks will pick up the 2019 half of their season on January 10th, with a home game against Sheridan College