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Recap by Aideena Wickstrom

On October 25th, the Humber Hawks Mens Volleyball team hosted the Redeemer Royals in their home opener at 8:00pm. 

The beginning of the game introduced the pace for the entirety of the first set. Both teams fought back and forth, trading the lead and staying within two points of one another. The crowd was left on the edge of their seats as Humber held a steady two point lead for the second half of the set. They ended up finishing it off 26-24. 

In the second, the Hawks started off with a quick three point lead. Fuelling off the momentum from the previous set, Humber soon ran out of gas. After making small but vital mistakes, the Hawks lost their lead. Our men seemed to find themselves on the wrong end of every rally, making Coach Wayne Wilkins order a time out at 20-23. Recollected, the Hawks hit the court and Kamyn Wilkins earned a huge kill, forcing Redeemer to call a time out. 24-24, and it was unsure which way the game would go. Unfortunately, two errors on the Hawk side caused them to drop the set 24-26. 

Opening the third, the mens team were playing in complete contrast to their previous set. Kamyn Wilkins shot three kills at the Royals feet, causing the Royals to make a quick timeout at 9-4. Attempting to revive themselves from this deficit, they quickly dug themselves into a deep hole. Another timeout was called by Redeemer at 14-5, as the Royals began to crumble under the pressure Humber was giving them. The hype in the Hawk Nest continued to elevate as Humber finished off Redeemer 23-13.  

Miming the first and second set, the fourth entailed both teams playing aggressively and desperately battling for the lead. After a few miscommunications on the Humber side, the Hawks fell behind by 3 points. They were unable to recover from this as they followed behind Redeemer for the duration of the set. The Royals kept the upper-hand as Humber's Andrew Blakey nailed down two kills and brought the Hawks back into the game. The Hawk's forced Redeemer into a time out at 23-24, which quickly turned into a tied 24-24. This excitement was short lived as Humber seemed unable to finish the game, losing the set 24-26. 

The fifth set was intense as the Hawks pushed a quick 4-2 lead. This rapidly grew to a 5-2 score and Redeemer timeout. Followed by a 8-2 score and another Redeemer timeout. Creating an in-returnable lead, Kamyn Wilkins and Andrew Blakey dominated the court. With an impressive kill by Blakey, followed by Wilkins finishing off the set with an amazing ace, the game was finalized quickly at 15-7. 

Overall, the Humber Hawks exhibited an impressive and entertaining first match of the season. Although having John Obie, one of their starting players, was injured, the Hawks showed that they are a force to be reckoned with. Kamyn Wilkins was named Player of the Game after earning 16+ kills in the five-set thriller.

Next we'll see the Hawks travel to Sudbury and play against Cambrian on November 3rd, and Boreal November 4th.