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ETOBICOKE, ON: The Humber  Hawks came from behind twice, with the first one via a walk-off grand slam, on their way to sweeping London's Fanshawe Falcons.

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By: Shelby Cockhill

ETOBICOKE—The Humber Hawks (5-5, 4th OCAA) battled from behind, emerging victorious in both of their two games today against the Fanshawe Falcons (6-4, 3rd OCAA).

Game one concluded with an astounding walk off grand slam, winning the game 11-9 for Humber. Game two saw the Hawks battle back and forth in a tense matchup, with the team eventually coming up on top, winning by a score of 5-3.

Game One

After a rain delay pushed the game back a half hour, second year Hawks pitcher, Tyler Greenwood (Mississauga) began the game, throwing the first pitch at 1:30 pm.

The Falcons leapt to an early lead, scoring one run in the second inning. Fanshawe was determined to prolong their already six game winning streak and boost their record. Their determination could be seen as the game progressed. The ever resilient Hawks, however, refused to go down without a fight.

In the bottom of the third, the team rallied together and managed a remarkable comeback with a total of four runs scored. Kenneth Hahnfield (Georgetown) stepped up to the plate slamming the ball deep into centre field, allowing rookie shortstop, Aaron Arbic-Cohen (Georgetown) to come home. Mitchell Wilbur (Courtice) steps up to the plate next. Hahnfield, currently on first, seizes his opportunity and steals 2nd. A line drive hit from Wilbur provides Hahnfield with the opening he needs to run home, scoring The Hawk's second run of the inning. Still not done, Keegan Murphy (Brampton) hits the ball far into the right field, driving Mitchell Wilbur home. A final hit by Brandon Costa (Toronto) sends Murphy home scoring Humber's 4th, and final run of the inning.

The Falcons, now three runs behind Humber, continue to fight back, desperate for a win. In the fifth inning it looked like they might succeed with the team managing to score a staggering 6 runs placing them back in the lead. Undeterred and fighting from behind, Humber succeeded in snaring another two runs in the bottom of the fifth. Hawks veteran, Blake Kauer (Mississauga), stepped up to the plate with a hard hit to the right field, and he succeeds in driving both Kenneth Hahnfield and Brandon Costa home.

The 6th inning sees both Humber and Fanshawe score a run each, Fanshawe manages one more, bringing the score to 9-7 for the Falcons, as Humber headed into their last scoring opportunity of the game.

The bases were loaded, Daniel Cirillo (Brampton) on third, Brendan Lyons (Bolton) on second and Aaron Arbic-Cohen (Georgetown) on first. The runners were ready, all they needed was a chance. Andrew Thomson, a third year outfielder, hailing from Brampton stepped up the plate. His bat connected with the ball sending it soaring into the outfield. The crowd roared to life as the ball sailed over the fence. It was a walk off grand slam and a win for The Humber Hawks.

With a final score of 11-9 the Hawks had defeated the Fanshawe Falcons ending their six game win streak. For his fantastic hit, Andrew Thomson was named the Hawks Nation player of the game. The winning pitcher was fifth year Hawks player, Steven Hough (Brampton).

Game Two

Still riding high from their victory in game one, the Hawks took to the field once more, prepared to fight off the relentless Falcons.

Mirroring the first game, Fanshawe got off to an early lead scoring one run in the second inning. Humber was quick to retaliate in the bottom of the 3rd. Kenneth Hahnfield slammed the ball far into left field, driving Andrew Thomson home, scoring one run for the Hawks and tying up the game.

The Hawks followed up without hesitation in the bottom of the fourth. Hunter Bisser (Toronto) at bat hit the ball far into the outfield providing rookie, Chase Cornelisse (Barrie) with the chance he needed to run home, scoring Humber's second run and placing them in the lead 2-1.

Feeling the pressure and not wanting to leave the park without a win, Fanshawe rallied in the fifth scoring another two runs placing them one run ahead of The Hawks.

Humber wasted no time in reclaiming their lead. The sixth inning saw the Hawks score three runs, securing their victory over the Fanshawe Falcons. The first run was scored when Matt Stoddart (Mississauga), hit a shallow ball to centre allowing Keegan Murphy the chance to come home. Chase Cornelisse and Matt Stoddart both crossed home plate on consecutive walks, bringing Humber's total runs up to five.

Although loading the bases in the seventh, Fanshawe was unable to secure anymore runs during the game. The final score was 5-3 for Humber. Second year pitcher, Andrew Blakey (Collingwood), was named the Hawks Nation player of the game. Kyle Scobel (Brampton), was the winning pitcher for the match.

The Hawks will be back at Connorvale Park tomorrow, October 2nd, to face off in a double header against St. Clair. The games are slated to begin at a new start time of 2:00 pm.