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WINDSOR, ON: The Humber Hawks women's volleyball team have just completed a very vigorous pre-season schedule which saw them play many of the top university teams in the province.

On Friday evening, they defeated the University of Windsor Lancers in five sets, but saw the Lancers return the favour with a five-set win of their own on Saturday.

Humber will open the season on Thursday night at home, as the Conestoga Condors pay a visit to the Humber Athletic Centre. Game time is set for 6:00 pm.

STORY BY: Ashleigh Darrach


 The women's volleyball team was first to play at 6 on Friday.

With a slow start, Humber trailed behind a few points and was allowing Windsor to dictate pace and flow of the game. One of Windsor's left sides was putting a float serve deep in the court that gave Humber some trouble mid-way through the set. It wasn't until after that Humber started to find their rhythm with one another. The lancers took the first set 25-20.

Humber came out with great energy in the second set and began passing better and serving tougher, allowing for them to run more offensive plays.

Humber's second-year left side hitter, Devan O'Connor lead the match in kills with a whopping 20. Her ability to fix balls and see opportunities when on offense allowed for the hawks to gain momentum and take the second set 25-22.

That same momentum transitioned into the third set, where Humber continued to serve aggressive balls at their serve receivers. By making them move to either side, it allowed Humber to have an easy ball to transition from, and the Hawks took the third set 25-21. Both setter Gabie Miletic and left-side Brynne Coleman lead the match in service aces with three each.

Although the fourth set was back and forth with both teams executing and playing good defense, the Lancers pulled ahead at the end of the game, and Humber dropped the fourth set 25-21.

In the fifth set, Humber passed well which allowed their offense to be successful. The Hawks got an early lead on the Lancers, and took the fifth set 15-11.


The women's volleyball team began their court warm-up with high energy to lead into their 10 am game start.

During the first set, Humber served extremely tough, and managed to pass well allowing them to keep momentum entirely on their side.

Left side O'Connor had two service aces in the first set, and Humber dominated the second half while the Lancer's couldn't find their rhythm.

Hawks take set one 25-12.

Throughout the rest of their match, Humber explored the depth of the team with primarily rookie lineups, which proved to be a great learning experience for Humber.

Each game was a battle, but when Humber allowed for Windsor to go on a run of points, they struggled to catch back up before the end of the set. Lancer's take sets two and three, 25-22 and 25-20.

The fourth set Humber came back with a fight and good energy determined to get into another 5-set game. Two of the lead scorers for the game were first years Julia Watson (8) and Breanna Golding (8). Humber found themselves very successful when the pass was good enough to establish the middle. Lancer's struggled to dig up the quicks when Humber was able to run them. With determination and good defense, Hawks take set four 25-15.

At the beginning of the fifth set, Lancers were serving well, and Humber was unable to execute the ball. At the half-way point of the fifth set, Humber was down 8-3.

After switching sides Humber fought back, and was gaining momentum despite being down at 13-9.

A technical net call against the Hawks made it game point for Windsor.

Humber was unable to side out on the serve ball, and lost the fifth set, 15-11.