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2019 OCAA Hall of Fame Inductee - Jim Bialek

2019 OCAA Hall of Fame Inductee - Jim Bialek

Category: Builder
Institution: Humber College
Inducted: 2019

Jim Bialek worked behind the scenes at Humber College for nearly four decades. Jim left Windsor in 1979 to join the athletics staff as a student and eventually rose to the position of Manager Athletics/Sports Information Director; however, his job title doesn't begin to reflect on the wide-ranging effects he had on Humber's athletic program and the OCAA as a whole.

For over three decades Jim has served the OCAA in countless roles, including sitting on the OCAA Senior Leadership Committee (formerly Executive Committee) for the past 10 years and becoming the first non-athletic director to be named OCAA President in 2013. His many duties included being the Senior Convenor for Men's Rugby and Women's Softball; a member of several committees including Ways & Means, Safety & Risk Management, Risk Management/Athletic Therapy, Policies & Procedures, Marketing & Sport Development, Finance, Constitution and Awards; as well as terms as Vice President of Marketing & Sport Development and Programs.

At Humber, Jim took on many titles including Campus Recreation Coordinator, Facility Manager, Assistant Athletic Director and Men's and Women's Hockey Coach. Jim expanded his responsibilities into the digital age, adding the website, multiple social media channels and the ever-growing Hawks Sports Network video operations. The network was responsible for the introduction of video opportunities to scores of Hawks fans, and now boasts the largest live stream playlist in the CCAA.

Jim has witnessed Humber student-athletes win 139 CCAA medals, with a nation-wide best 52 national gold medals. He has been at Humber for 551 of its provincial best total of 590 OCAA medals. These are the most celebrated by any OCAA staff person in history.